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28 March 2016 - 5:35pm
Resistance and Change!

The public was unaware of the corrupt practices before 1991 . There have been many changes since then. Today you’ll find a washing machine and a car in every household. There has been huge employment generation which has benefited the public financially. Otherwise we would have been held back in the primitive ways of life. Earlier, women would save money by investing in Gold or Silver, today, they have learnt to put their money to other uses. On one hand, it has improved the development and employment opportunities, whereas, on the other, it has increased the purchasing power of people. One of the major achievements is that the money which used to accumulate with us earlier, has now been liquidated in the market

The lofty buildings and offices that have been built over time are due to the financial policies of the previous governments which encouraged investment and re-investment. There was a lot of opposition, when computers were introduced, and we can see how this opinion has changed. It increases the efficiency of workers and also saves the use of paper. There was so much resistance in accepting the new technology because we thought that it would replace man power, hence, adversely affecting the workers. However, I believe that technology gave rise to the perfect combination of man power and money power which led to maximum utilization.

R C Jain

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