How much does the D.T.S. lose through ticketless travel by commuters and how many amenities are denied to Delhi citizens because many of them prefer not to pay the fare?This question will remain unanswered till the D.T.S. does not find a means of putting a stop to ticketless travel and people do not become conscious of the fact that in the ultimate analysis it is they who will be the losers if they try to deprive a public utility concern of its revenue.
The D.T.S. has a large ticket checking staff and in spite of this ticketless travel has become an accepted feature of bus travel in Delhi.The fault does not lie with the staff but the manner in which they are trained to work.
The new buses with separate doors for getting in and out have made it more easy for people to avoid paying the fare.If the conductor stands at the entrance,people rush out from the exit and if he stands at the exit there is no check on people getting in.
One of the ways to check ticketless travel is that the examiners should stand,inconspicuously at bus stands and check every passenger who gets off the bus.
Complaints against conductors are of a more varied type.It is said some of them are in league with regular daily travellers,like students,and let them make the journey without issuing tickets in return for a small gratification.In case,the examiner gets in,tickets can be issued and checked in the manner described above.At rush hours conductor is unable to sell tickets to everybody and when passengers get down they pay the fare but most of them are in too great a hurry to ask for tickets.
Some conductors make a pretence of being honest.While passengers get off the bus,the conductor goes on tearing off ticket after ticket and throws away the bits,as such passengers pays his fare.Under the impression that the ticket has been issued,the passenger goes away.Actually this is what happens;the passenger gives the conductor four annas,the conductor tears off a one-anna ticket and pockets three-annas.
What we need in Delhi is vigorous checking and honest passengers.Also,it would be a good idea if top officials of D.T.S. leave their desks sometimes and make surprise checks.

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