by: Shashi Tharoor
As handouts drained the budget and restrictions hampered growth, there was an almost culpable lack of attention to the country's infrastructure (with the solitary exception of the railways, whose development has been a rare triumph). The country's ov...
by: Swaminathan Aiyar
If you buy a car today, you can expect its delivery in a few days. And if you sell it after a few years, you would be lucky to get half the original purchase price. However, the case was not so under the License Permit Raj. There were two major manuf...
by: Devender Singh Wadhwa
This narrative discusses the impact of nationalization of banks in 1969. The government, under Indira Gandhi, nationalized fourteen leading private commercial banks via an ordinance in July 1969. Though the idea had been raised in a previous All Ind...

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India before 1991: Stories of life under the License Raj

Almost half of India is born after 1991 economic reforms. To make sure that they understand the lessons of history, at the 25th anniversary of the reforms, Centre for Civil Society aims to bring to light human interest stories from across the country highlighting the life under the license raj as well as the crucial role that liberalization played in improving the lives of our people. The reforms were proof of the acceptance of the value of economic freedom, whose importance we need to continue to advocate. This research will provide a greater understanding of the long-term impact of liberal policy reforms as well as the value that open markets have and continue to bring into our lives in contemporary times.

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