Things are happening in this village which its inhabitants would not have dreamt possible five years ago.For instance,a recently bereaved widow is now receiving a steady monthly income.A farmer is planning to send his son off to a technical college.The blacksmith is confident that his daughter's marriage will not leave him in debt.
what has brought about this new era of security? Life Insurance.In the last five years the LIC has vigorously extended its sphere into rural India.From city to town,to taluka centre, to village-are borne the benefits of life Insurance.
Besides offering personal security,the LIC is stimulating another quiet revolution.Through its judicious investments it is helping to provide medical aid,education,better roads,better transport.better seeds,fertilizers......
Yes,something important has happened in this and thousands of other villages all over India.But there are lakhs of rural pockets waiting to be released to a new life.To reach them all with its helping hands-that is the goal which LIC sets itself.

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