The current year's plan document released by the Planning Commission today,showed that the outlay for 1990-91 was higher by 12.4 percent compared the approved outlay of Rs. 57,598 crore in 1989-90.
The document said that the Indian economy had witnessed reasonably good growth performance in the last few years,and the Gross domestic Product(GDP) grew at an average rate of 5.6 percent at year during the seventh plan period(1985-90).
NO FALL IN DEFICIT:However,with an average rate of growth of imports(in dollar terms) of about 10 percent during the last few years,even the very high rate of growth of exports did not result in a reduction of the trade deficit.
It says in 1989-90,GDP from agriculture grew at about 1 percent,which was a modest improvement over the impressive growth of about 17 percent in the previous year.With favourable rainfall,the production of foodgrains in 1989-90 is expected to be 170.63 million tonnes,about 0.18 million tonnes higher than that in 1988-89.
The tempo of oilseeds production builtup in 1988-89 was not maintained in 1989-90.The cotton crop,however,was good in 1989-90 compared to 1988-89.
In the infrastructure sectors,production of coal went up from about 195 million tonnes in 1988-89 to about 201 million tonnes in 1989-90.During 1989-90,the generation of electricity was 245 billion units,which was 10.9 percent higher than the previous year.
Refinery crude output during 1989-90 was 51.0 million tonnes against the actual throughout of 49.0 million tonnes in 1988-89.Crude oil production went up to 34.7 million tonnes in 1989-90 from 32 million tonnes in 1988-89.

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