THE COLLEGE STUDENT: "Spectre Of Exams. Haunts Us, Where Is Fun In Our Lives?" | January 1957

"Do you know," she countered, "that everyday I spend about three hours waiting for the bus and going to the college; that one cannot get a cheap and satisfying lunch in the campus; that we have no tutors to guide our studies and that the shadow of examinations hangs over us, making our lives a nightmare?"

I didn't, so I pursued the matter further. I discovered that for most students transport costs more than college fees; that if you wanted to have tomato sauce with your chips at the Coffee House you had to pay extra, and that students read during term-time and had writing practice only at examinations.

"Our life is too cramped," she commented. "For instance, I wanted to study political science, but few colleges offer this course. So I had to take economics which I detest. Then we have little time for general reading; our textbooks seem to take up all our time. Yet speakers say on Convocation Day, that the present generations of students is too bookish and uninformed."

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